How To Start A Jewelry Sales Business.

How to start a jewelry sales business.

Taking about starting a jewelry sales business we have to make it clear, an online store is not set up in a month. Why do we say that? Because setting up a store or starting a sales business you have to do a marketing study, come up with a business model, find suppliers, have a budget, get a technology provider to help you develop your website. One of the things we have to think about is what product could you sell; analyze the cost of the product and in the end, determine how much your final profit would be. You must also search and find good suppliers.

Online, you can find many ways to start a jewelry sales business without investing large amounts of money. If you want to sell the jewelry that you make yourself, the article “Making Jewelry For Sale Online” can be very helpful.

Another advantage that online businesses also offer is that you don’t need to have inventory that eventually goes out of style and ends up almost giving away your inventory for pennies.

Any Accessible Platform

Websites like Shopify and Alidropship offer platforms more accessible to individuals who want to start their jewelry business.

I have tried some and the one I am recommending is Alidropship. For several reasons:

1. They have excellent customer service.

2. They have several economic options to start, but they have other programs and services that will improve your website significantly.

3. The system is almost automatic. It only takes a few minutes to process the sale via Aliexpress. There are too many advantages of a website designed by Alidropship to explain them here. The system is incredible. The buyer pays you, when you verify that the payment has been accepted, then you process the sale via Aliexpress.

I would have opened my website to sell smartwatches just a month ago and have made several sales. Take a look at

If you plan to open a website to sell jewelry, it is best to focus on a specific niche instead of selling all kinds of jewelry.

Alidropship has tools to help you find your niche. Also when you order your website, they can give you some suggestions that will help you decide. Visit for more details.

How to sell your gold jewelry
How to sell your gold jewelry

Other Store Platforms

In addition to the platform to create an online store that appears at the end of this article, there are many others, but among those that stand out are the following three:

1. Prestashop

This platform is ideal for stores that do not have a very large storage of articles. Its handling is very easy. Its biggest advantage is that Prestashop is a platform for online stores. In addition, it has multilanguage support.

Disadvantages? One of them is that you have to pay to be able to use the most functional modules, but most of the templates that it supports look very professional and are free.

2. Magento

This platform is perfect if we have a large business. It allows you to insert an infinite number of forms of payment and it is a native e-commerce software so its modules are very practical and you also don’t have to buy them, by default this platform integrates them. Also, almost all Magento templates are responsive, so they adapt to all types of devices.

Disadvantages? To use Magento you need to purchase a dedicated server or VPS that normally costs more than $ 150.00.

3. WooCommerce

It is very similar to Prestashop but allows you to install any WordPress plugin. Its main advantage is its Yoast SEO plugin, which allows you to position your store well in the main search engines but to achieve this you have to follow the instructions that the Yoast plugin gives you.

If you don’t know much about SEO or Search Engine Optimization, hire a specialist. Besides this one, it has many other plugins that will make your e-commerce look very professional.

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping
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