Take care your fake gold jewelry

The care of a jewel, in general, entails different care depending on the type of material and model. Both gold, laminated gold, silver, or stainless steel have different steps and materials for their care. In the case of laminated gold jewelry, it has its peculiarities. And that is why we give you the following tips. So that your garment maintains its shine for a long time.

Can I use Hair Spray, Perfume, or creams with my Gold Laminate jewelry?

One of the main enemies of rolled gold jewelry is chemicals. I recommend that you wear your gold laminated jewelry at least 10 to 15 minutes after using any chemicals. It is of great importance that under no circumstances do you let the jewel come into contact with the cream/chemical. Since by avoiding this, it will maintain its shine and beauty for longer.

How to clean my fake gold jewelry
Take care your fake gold jewelry

Can I bathe with the rolled gold jewelry on?

Both the bar soap, the body and hair shampoo do not damage the piece. Due to the fact that new combinations of these products are currently coming out, with added chemicals. It is not ruled out that the rolled gold piece is damaged when having contact with it.

Pools, Hot Springs and Sulfurous:

Be very careful with your gold plated jewelry. It can be seriously damaged if you expose it to Sulfur Water. Or strong chemicals such as swimming pools with a high amount of chlorine. Remember The chemical damages the parts. If you are on vacation you will look very good wearing your gold laminate jewelry. We only recommend taking a shower after swimming to be able to use them without any problem.

How often should I clean my gold plated jewelry and how should I clean it?

We recommend you give cleaning maintenance when you see that the pieces have less shine. The process is very simple: Wash the pieces with water and NEUTRAL soap (or baby shampoo). Similarly with water and a soft cloth on the piece. You can use a used toothbrush that is VERY SOFT. Once washed, dry them with a soft, dry, and clean cloth. Caring for laminated gold jewelry is easy. If we look at it from the point of keeping the pieces in good condition for a good period. I recommend that you follow our recommendations.

It is also important:

  1. When storing the pieces, keep them in separate cases.
  2. Take care of the opening and closing clasps as they are delicate pieces.



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